Monday, January 9, 2012

Separation anxiety

As soon as I heard that a new market - an Arts and Crafts recycling market - was starting in my local area, I just knew I had to get a table there and do a destash. I have a big sort out and tidy up each Christmas holidays, so this market on 14 January seemed like perfect timing.

Just one problem ... I'm having trouble destashing! I'm accused of being a hoarder from time to time and I always vehemently deny it. "I'm not a hoarder, I'm a creative recycler ... and proud of it".  But yes I have to admit I've got a lot of stuff.

So my rule of thumb is, if it will fit neatly into the allotted spot on the allotted shelf in the allotted cupboard, then I can keep it. If it's cluttering up the floor, or I have to keep moving it to get to something else, then it has to go.

This time around, when i did my annual cleanup, I found room for everything. So technically speaking, I'm allowed to keep everything and don't need to do a destash. On the other hand, it might be useful to create some empty space in my cupboards. Oh I can't decide what to do!

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked, I didn't mean to rave on about my destashing dilemma. I actually just wanted to tell you about the market.

It's called the Stash & Treasure Recycler's Market and it's the perfect opportunity for artists, crafters, quilters, scrapbookers etc to clear out their cupboards and say farewell to their no-longer-needed supplies, unfinished projects, and all those little treasures we can't say no to like vintage lace and fabric, books and patterns, etc.

It's also the perfect opportunity for artists, crafters, quilters, scrapbookers etc to find some wonderful new treasures to take home!!! So if you're in the inner Sydney area next Saturday 14 January, pop in to the Marrickville Town Hall. I'm not sure whether I'll be there doing a destash or just browsing and picking up some new treasures (naughty me), but I hear that it's shaping up to be a great market.

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  1. Hi Joanne, sounds great- wish I lived closer. My granddaughter is coming up here from Sydney next Sat. I haven't done any destashing -I think it would be VERY hard for me, I have managed some decluttering of other stuff though and once it was finally given away, it felt good! :)

  2. Being a long time hosrder I feel your pain. Sounds like a good market, have fun.