Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Four whole days!

Four whole days! I have four whole days off work and all to myself! I have soooo much that I want to get done (die-cut, sew, sleep, repeat, die-cut, sew, sleep, repeat).

But first I absolutely MUST fix the error in this quilt. The blue in the bottom right hand corner sticks out like a sore thumb.

Oh no, I just spotted another mistake! Top left corner. I better get cracking and fix it asap ... Bye!


  1. I like the blue on the bottom right, I shows the movement of the blue thru the whole quilt.

  2. MEEEE TOOOO!!! Isn't it just fabulous?!?! My days will go sew, clean, sleep, repeat hehe.

  3. Enjoy your days off, Joanne! Have fun! Sandy. :)

  4. Oh dear they're such little mistakes but I suppose it would drive you nuts if you left them there. Unpicking always takes me 4 times as long as the original sewing did :(. Lol, I didn't notice 'eat' in your list to help keep your strength up for all that sewing!