Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another productive weekend

My extra-long long weekend was super-productive. I made over 200 packs for my store! Here's a preview of some new products.

First up are some Hexagon Charm Packs in plain colours. As you can see, I made this batch from red, purple, aqua and white, and some packs have just one colour, some have two or three. All have 42 large hexs per pack.

These match the large Hexagon Charm Packs already available for both machine-sewing and hand-piecing. The red/white pack goes with A Walk in the Woods, the red/aqua pack works well with both Little Apples and Ruby, and the purple/aqua pack goes with Good Fortune.

Next up we have some packs of smaller hexagons, also made from Moda's Bella Solids range. This 1&1/2" size is to match your inchy hexagons - perfect for the centres of your hexie flowers.

These Bella Solids packs contain 20 hexagons, 2 each of 10 fabrics. Choose from a Darks pack, a Warms pack, or the pretty 1930s colours. The Neutrals pack has 4 each of 5 fabrics.

The following packs made from Marbles by Moda also have 2 each of 10 fabrics. Choose from Marble Warms or Marble Brights. And last but not least, shown here are my Bella Solids Favourites, containing 1 each of 20 different fabrics.
Sorry about the fuzzy photos, I'll have better images and more details when I list these in my store later this week. But now, it's time for a night off. Ciao!


  1. woweee you have been super busy!! Love the red, aqua and white :)

  2. Hi Joanne, you have got heaps done over the weekend. Well done you. :)

  3. They are wonderful but I bet you are over hexagons now for a few days - LOL They are such a great idea. Hugs - Fee X

  4. They stunnning.They are very nice!