Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rough Terrain

I spent last Sunday getting to know the basics of EQuilt. I'm sure you're familiar with it, it's design software especially for quilters. I could so easily get side-tracked for hours playing with the hundreds of different block designs.

But I had a specific task that I wanted to do, so this morning I went back to using the regular graphics program that I was familiar with, and this is what I came up with.

I've always been the first to say that I am not a designer. I have talented hands and a talented brain but not talented eyes. What I mean is, I love making things and I love figuring out how other people make things, but I just don't think that I have fresh new ideas or an eye for colour.

(Thank goodness I can fall back on pre-selected fat quarter bundles and layer cakes. I'm sure you've recognised this is Terrain.)

But I still wanted to give it a go. After all, everything can improve a little with practice, and I'm not planning on being the next great new designer.

I thought my first effort looked crowded. Maybe that's because in the past I have been too timid about using bright bold palettes like this (I think starting the Candied Hexagon quilt cured me of that though) and maybe I'm just not used to the busy-ness.

I am happier with my second effort which has some breathing space in between the flowers.

This layout measures approximately 90cm x 90cm, not including the borders. I guess my next computer task is to set up a larger version, or maybe do one in another fabric range, but I'm itching to do some stitching so that's all going to have to wait. I haven't picked up a needle all week!


  1. Oh wow. the second is way better! I love it!

    I'm having a Terrain giveaway on my blog...if you want to stop by.

  2. I have the same problem with my designing, although I'm lucky to have a husband with a Fine Art degree. Whenever I design something, he goes over and puts in little bits. Slowly I'm learning the 'artistic' side to quilts.

    But if you want some tips, here are mine: start simple. Your first few designs might never be made up because you think they're just too simple, but it at least starts your brain working. Also, when I go to craft shows, they often have some talks on use of colour and things, which can help you find your way.

  3. I too like the second one best. When sewn I think the black lines showibg between the white hexagons would disappear and the coloured flowers would seem to float on the white background.