Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chookyblue, this post is for you!

Chookyblue, this post is for you! Thanks for your inspired suggestion.

Here's the Rough Terrain layout using a pack of my Hometown Pre-cut Hexagons. I guess I should call it Rough Hometown LOL.

I'm calling them "rough" because the final design details are unfinished. I don't think you can know what a quilt will look like when you just see it on-screen, you have to see it in real life. That way you can balance out the light and dark, the proportions and placement, and experiement with some finishing touches.

I think the Red looks a little overpowering in this one. Maybe it needs a bit more open space between the hexie-flowers. I usually piece my in-between rows, but if you appliqued the hexie-flowers on instead, you could play around with it until you found just the right balance of open space.

I'd like this grey-blue version to go with my Hamptons-style white wooden beach house please, a la Diane Keaton's house in Somthing's Gotta Give. I'd have to make this in king-size don't you think, so there is enough room underneath for one Mr K Reeves as well. (I can dream, can't I!)

But my favourite tonight is this one with a softer gentler yellow colourway. You can only see the hexie-flowers on-screen, but in my mind I can see finished off with a stylised curvy vine design appliqued on the yellow border and lots of swirly quilting all over.

I have a limited number of packs of Hometown Pre-cut Hexagons available here in the 1 1/2" size to go with 1" templates. Larger amounts or larger sizes can be custom-made on request.


  1. oh thanks for this.........i'll show my the options.....did you get the precut order last night for my friend.....she only start EPP yesterday and she is so excited........I ahve got her sorted with some gear.......and when I told her she could get precut fabrics.....well she was even more excited for her first patchwork project.......

  2. Hi Joanne, I LOVE the blue-grey version, it is just lovely! :0

  3. I love the version with the lighter gray.