Monday, October 31, 2011

In progress - Rough Terrain

I don't have much to say at the best of times, but when my job gets hectic (that is, even more hectic than usual) I do tend to shut down. My Forum friends will agree with that, they haven't heard from me for ages. Sorry!

And some sad memories have been on my mind lately, I've been missing what could have been. But let's not talk about that, I do appreciate that I'm very fortunate in many parts of my life. I'm single so I can indulge my need for a lot of quiet time, and I get a good paycheck so I can indulge my craft addiction.

So here's a peak at what I've been doing with all my time over the past couple of weeks. I tried and tried to resist starting another quilt (because I am so close to the end of piecing this quilt) but I obviously didn't resist hard enough.

I gave in to temptation the Tuesday before last and cracked open a pack of pre-cut hexagons. I couldn't resist the Terrain. It was like opening a little gift box of mixed chocolates! You're not quite sure what's in there, but it's fun finding out.

I glue-penned the pre-cuts to my templates in no time at all. Here's a picture of some of them ready to stitch.

I have since stitched up all the hexie-flowers and am half-way through piecing them together. I'm not entirely convinced that white is a good in-betweener, but the deep purple centres are absolutely perfect.

Here's where I'm up to. I'm pleased to say that it looks fantastic in real life. I'm so thrilled with it.

I am racing through this project as fast as I can (because I have a feeling that once I've put these hexie-flowers together, I might be tempted to crack open another pack and turn this small quilt into a large one).

So bye for now, I've got to get stuck into Row 5.

P.S. There's still time to enter the giveaway below. Did I mention that I'm drawing it on my birthday, Saturday 5 November?


  1. I love those precut hexies! I'd love to try some out, but just like you I need to finish some of the projects I already have on the go first!

    Maybe sometime soon...

  2. your hexie quilt is looking great.........and if I miss happy birthday for Saturday..........

  3. Great hexies.Beautiful flowers. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  4. Great hexies - hope they've lifted your spirits a little x

  5. Are you putting them on a whole sheet background.. I love terrain!! Love your quilt!!

  6. Wow, that quilt will be stunning.

  7. Gorgeous fabrics!
    How is the glue for removing the backing papers?

  8. what great flowers! It must be very tempting to have all those wonderful fabrics at your disposal. I think I would be forever starting new ones.
    Hope you can enjoy the better things and not dwell on the sad.

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