Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre-cut fabric hexagons are now available

I'm so glad that my job is over for another week. Now I can on with doing the important stuff - patchwork!

The first thing on my To Do list is to tell you that the pre-cut fabric hexagons are now available in my store. (Sorry for the delay - the hexagons were done weeks ago but I wasn't satisfied with my photos of them.)

I have die-cut these hexagons from Moda layer cakes, so that you can easily obtain matching fabric for your borders and quiltbacks. I've started off with Etchings by 3 Sisters, Curio by Basic Grey and (my favourite) Hometown by Sweetwater. For those of you that like to make a bold and colourful statement, try Oh My by Sanae or Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket.

With 42 layers in a layer cake and 7 hexagons die-cut from each layer, that's a total of 294 fabric hexagons per pack. If you like making hexie flowers, that's enough for 6 petals and 1 centre from each fabric.

Imagine, no more tedious hand or rotary cutting. Match these 1 1/2" fabric hexagons with 1" die-cut paper/card hexagons and the only time you'll get out your scissors is to cut your threads off.

I've been meaning to make these for you for years. I'm glad I've finally done some, and I have plans to do so much more. Other pre-cut shapes and sizes, perhaps a cut-to-order service, and definitely more hexies out of more fabrics.

Lined up on my shelf are lots of pretty pastel floral fabrics waiting to be cut, and I'm expecting some of the latest Joel Dewberry and Tula Pink moderns to arrive any day now.

The pizza delivery guy just arrived so it's time to get on with the second thing on my To Do list.

So why don't you have a look here and see if there's anything you like. Each ad includes a link to the Moda brochure for each range so that you can see the original fabric designs and colours, so don't let my photos put you off.

Purchase any pack of fabric hexagons before 17 September and I'll include a free pack of 1" paper or card hexagons.

Bye for now, my pizza is getting cold!

Hometown by Sweetwater

Curio by Basic Grey

Oh My! by Sanae


  1. Great idea. It works really well with the 7 hexies per layer. One centre and 6 petals.

  2. They look great, Joanne. :)
    What a timesaver!!!!
    Love those "1934" fabrics, too.

  3. I feel the same way about Fridays - I can get on with what really matters - sewing!

  4. Hi Joanne !
    did you received your hexie flowers yet?
    I really hope they didnt get lost in the mail
    Bye for now