Friday, August 19, 2011

Giveaway 2 - Winners - Candy Packs

Hi Everyone, it's just a quick post tonight to tell you the winners of my Candy Packs giveaway.

The first name drawn was Linda Coleman from Ireland. Congratulations Linda! You've won a nice big pack of: 100 x die-cut 1" hexagons, 100 x 1" diamonds, 100 x 1" triangles, 100 x 1 1/2" hexagons, 100 x 1 1/2" diamonds and 100 x 1 1/2" triangles.

Will these suit one of your projects? Or would you prefer to receive something different? Let me know.

Now I did say that I was going to draw one international winner and one Australian winner. I've drawn the second name and I have a feeling that they are Aussie. Stay tuned while I wait for confirmation ...

Hi, I'm back again. Barb's Creations has just confirmed that she is Barb from Victoria. (I had a feeling but I wasn't sure.)

So there we have it. Our international winner is Linda and our Aussie winner is Barb. Congratulations to both!


  1. Congratulations Linda and Barb!

  2. Congratulations to both Barb and Linda. What a fabulous prize.

  3. Yay Barb- they will keep you busy for a little while! LOL. Congrats to Linda across the seas, as well. Sandy. :0)

  4. Thanks Joanne for hosting this fabulous giveaway,I just sent you another email.
    I'll have to start going through my scrap basket for suitable sized pieces for my newest addiction LOL :) Barb.

  5. Joanne
    thank you so much. I can't believe I've won. I love doing hand piecing (hexagons etc). I also belong to a smll quilt group and there are two other ladies who make fantastic flower garden quilts so I will share with them.