Friday, November 9, 2012

Yaaaay I'm on holidays!!!!!!!

Everyone please stand up and join me in a HAPPY DANCE!!!!

Yaay! I'm on holidays! For a month!

Sorry about the overuse of exclamation marks. Oh I can't resist ... just one more!

What am I doing with my holidays? I've never had the travel bug or chased the adrenaline rush. My idea of a good time is finding a new craft to try and having time to play to my heart's content.

So I get to spend 5 days a week at home at my craft desk, with the balcony doors wide open for the fresh air and sunshine. (There's something about working in the city in an "air-conditioned" office that makes me feel so stifled and suppressed.)

And on the weekends I'll be at the markets. My market partner has now taken over selling all my handmade pendants and accessories, so that I can now take my patchwork products as well. Can you believe he has figured out how to fit 2 gazebos, 4 tables, 4 boxes of accessories stock, 4 boxes of patchwork stock ... oh and an esky plus him and me ... all into my little 3-door hatchback.

This weekend we'll be at Ramsgate Foodies and Artisan Market on Saturday and Blacktown Market on Sunday. We haven't tried Blacktown before but we've been to Ramsgate Market a few times now and it has such a lovely atmosphere. It's a small market, held in the Ramsgate Public School grounds, lots of sunshine and lots of shade, and wonderful fresh food. (Oooooh the cupcakes, I must tell you about the cupcakes sometime.)

Next weekend it will be Ramsgate again on Saturday and the huge Maitland Markets on Sunday. And the weekend after that we'll be going to the annual Airing of the Quilts at Braidwood.

I've got to rush off now so I'll post my market schedule later. I just wanted to say a quick hi, say I'm still here, and say Yaaaay I'm on holidays!!!!!!!

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