Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Markets old and new

I've been on annual leave for a couple of weeks now, but there were so many things I wanted to get made and/or organised for the markets that it seemed like yesterday was my first real day off.

It may not be your idea of a relaxing day off, but I enjoyed it - sitting at my craft desk from 10am to 10pm making a new range of pendants. (Yes, I know I've made way too many pendants to ever sell, but doing craft occupies my brain enough to stop my usual worrisome thoughts which gives me a much-needed mental rest.)

Sorry, no photos yet as I've only half-made them. They are all retro/1950's-inspired pendants, as a new vintage-themed monthly market is starting up soon very close to my home.

All the stallholder spots booked out really quickly so I missed out, (that's ok, I'm not sure if my current stock fits the market's style) but I'll definitely be going to have a good look. I hope there's lots of genuine vintage stuff - and I'd be especially interested to see if anyone is into the "repurposing" thing, i.e. finding creative new ways to recycle old things. I love that!

The Now and Then Markets kicks off on Sunday 9 December at Bexley Manor Hall (Bexley NSW).


Oh, I haven't told you about last weekend yet! My good friend and I went to Braidwood for the annual Airing of the Quilts. (We didn't get much of a chance to look at the quilts though - too exhausted!) GF took care of the pendants stall as usual and I did the patchwork stall. I had no idea there were so many hexagon-mad quilters out there! It's good to know I'm not alone LOL.

Luckily our stalls were side-by-side, as I was run off my feet answering my questions so GF was working at my stall more often then he was manning his. He was amazing - he packed/unpacked the van himself so I could rest, (I feel so guilty when he does things for me - do any of you find it hard to accept kindness?) then did the whole 3-hour drive back to Sydney (don't worry, yes we did the stop-revive-survive thing a couple of times).

Gosh, it makes me tired just thinking about last Saturday. I need a rest LOL. Bye for now.

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