Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Other things I make - websites

I love it when I can solve a problem for someone, especially when I find a solution that is easy for them to use and saves them time.

A friend mentioned to me last week that he needed a better way to process payments for his business. He was really just thinking out loud, but I had a few bright ideas on Saturday morning and by the end of the day I had set up a website, shopping cart and payment system for him. From scratch. Using software I had never used before.

(I don't mean to boast, but I really was pleased with my efforts, and that doesn't happen very often.)

The website template was cluttered and old-fashioned though, not his style at all and not suitable for his business, so on Sunday night I spent a few hours (ok, more than a few hours) redesigning it.

I came up with a clean, clear design using pomegranate-red and marine-blue graphics on a white background. (Yes I made them too. Sometimes I'm a stickler for getting things exactly the way I want them.) I'm sorry I can't show you the website here but maybe the colour-scheme will show up in a quilt soon!

The best part is that I've streamlined the website so that it only takes 4 mouse-clicks to select, order and checkout your item. And it's mobile phone friendly. (My very own app!) I can't wait to hear how it works for him. Fingers crossed!

Which reminds me ... a while ago I stumbled across a fantastic product, a perfectly simple solution ...

In my craft room, I have quite a few things plugged into a power board. That's not the problem, the power board is fine, the problem is that I don't like leaving items on stand-by, especially ones that I don't use very often.  (I don't count every penny, but there's no need to throw away money is there.)

And the only power socket in the room is hard to get to as it's behind a table. But I found this product a while ago and I absolutely love it.

It's just an ordinary power board ... but with a 'pod' attached. The pod is a footswitch so you can turn all your equipment on or off with just one tap. It's on the end of a metre-long extension cord so you can hide your power boards and messy cords but have the footswitch within easy reach. 

I got mine on eBay but a few electricity suppliers and green groups are selling them too. The brand name is "Efergy".

It's not a sexy item to blog about, but it turns me on. (Bad pun, baaaaad pun, but it's late and I'm tired.) I think it's cool in its simplicity. I love simple. I love easy.

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