Friday, March 30, 2012

Not much crafting happening here

What's going on Jo? You haven't blogged for 17 days!

I've never been a prolific blogger but I am a busy crafter, and I like to blog about my craft. What's going on, what have I been doing with my time?

Well last weekend I had a mini-getaway to Queensland to go to a friend's wedding. Three days off work - tick. A trip to Noosa - tick. Perfect weather - tick. Perfect perfect wedding - tick tick.

And why didn't I do any craft the weekend before? I blame that on Game of Thrones.

Have you heard about Game of Thrones? It's the Emmy-award winning TV series based on the Song of Fire and Ice by George R R Martin. I'm not a fantasy geek, and I've never even finished a chapter of Tolkien, but I'd heard great things about Season 1 so I wanted to see it.

I loved it, I wasn't disappointed. Well I was a little bit disappointed when I got to the end of the Episode 10 late on the Saturday night, so I started again at Episode 1 on the Sunday. Action-packed script, top-notch acting, filmed on location in Croatia and Northern Island, looks fantastic.

So that's what I did with the weekend before last.

Season 1 turned out to be the Book 1 of a series, so I picked up a copy at Sydney Airport on my way to Noosa. I bought the rest of the series on the way home, and am halfway through Book 2, The Clash of Kings.

Season 2 begins in the US on 1 April. I can't wait till it gets here.  (Warning - there's lots of explicit sex scenes and full-on swearing in Season 1, which are not in the original book. Lots of violence too, but that's in the book.)

That's why there hasn't been much crafting done around here lately.  I have a stockpile of brand new fabric just waiting to be hexagon-ised, triangle-ised and diamond-ised for my store, but it's just going to have to wait until the Easter break.

I might be tempted to do a little sewing tomorrow though. We'll see.

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  1. I loved the first season - got used to the sex after awhile, the blood and guts I don't think I will get used to but according to my 25yo son it wouldn't be HBO without it. I can't wait for it to start on Showcase on 10th April. We also have all the books and I will start them when I have finished the latest Raymond E Feist novel.
    Not much sewing going on here either but mine was funerals not weddings, I like your excuse better than mine. We had a sister in law and good friends his mother died same week 4 weeks ago. It sort of puts a dampener on things BUT I am sewing a little and knitting for my granddaughters