Friday, January 18, 2013

Something's bugging me

Already halfway through the month and I haven't yet blogged. I swear I've been getting LOTS of things done though, really I have!

  • I've been back at work for a few weeks now but I can't complain as I had ALL of December off. (25 years in the public service so I've got LOTS of long service leave accrued.)
  • Gary and I have mapped out all the markets we want to try this year, as well as the good ones to repeat from 2012. I plan to do some bigger patchwork events, Gary will continue to sell my pendants, and wherever possible we'll take both to the markets.
  • More markets means I have an excuse to make even more pendants. I've been in research and development mode for the past month, thinking about new things to make, as I want to tailor my stock to each market rather than have a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Unfortunately this means that all my patchwork projects are still on hold, although I spent last Monday night making some behind-the-scenes changes to my patchwork store to make it a little easier for shoppers.
  • I received lots of new fabric from my supplier in Nov/Dec and was planning to catch up this week and add them to my store, but I picked up a tummy bug. The less said the better. Hopefully I can get back to job-work and craft-work soon.

I've trying hard to keep the momentum going from last year, but my brain has been distracted by my third passion - crafty recycling. I try to keep this obsession in check, but when I went back to work a switch went off in my brain, I don't know what triggered it. Oh, yes I do ...

Someone asked me if I could recycle lever arch folders. I said no, I can deconstruct/ repurpose/ recycle all other types of office folders, just not these ones because of the particular materials used. But that started me thinking, and before I knew it I had figured out how to pull apart these ones too, which means both the metal and cardboard can now go into their separate recycling streams.

Stop me now! Otherwise I'll be talking about crafty recycling all day. I accept that 99.99999999% of people in this world do not share my passion for recycling office supplies.

But some do share my passion for crafty recycling. I recently found a YouTube clip on cutting up soft drink cans, which got me thinking. I put my die-cutter and embosser to good use and I now have a pile of embossed aluminium hearts to craft with. I have ordered some alcohol inks on eBay. They are probably waiting for me in my post office box. I wish I wasn't sick!

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  1. Hope you recover soon. Sounds like you are going to have a busy year. Hugs......