Sunday, August 5, 2012

Giveaway winners

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway. I was so inspired by your suggestions that I started a new quilt, California Girls in large diamonds with white sashing between the pieces. (My Rose Star quilt will have to wait a little bit.)

I used the Sweet Divinity Diamond Quilt pattern by Johanna Wilke. When I came across this pattern a little while ago, I knew that it would become a favourite. (Not too easy, not too hard, just right for my skill level.)

You can find some gorgeous photos and a step-by-step tutorial on Amanda Herring's blog, The Quilted Fish. The large diamond die-cuts that you can get from my store are a fraction larger, but that doesn't affect the pattern at all, you don't need to calculate any adjustments.

The charm quilt shown uses half a layer cake, but I'm using more to make a single bed size quilt. I'm not quite sure yet whether I'll need 1 1/2 layer cakes or 2.

Oops, I'm getting side-tracked. I bet you all are here to find out who won the giveaway.

The first name out of the hat was Maryjane, who suggested triangles in Giddy. Congratulations Maryjane, you've won a $50 voucher to use anywhere in my store. You don't have to use it all in one go, but it sounds like you've got something planned for those triangles. I'll be in touch.

The other winners are Cecelia and Huisei, who both fancy large hexagons, Cecelia in Lucy's Crab Shack and Huisei in Trade Winds. Don't they both sound great? You've each won a $25 voucher. I'll contact you shortly.

Thanks to all who entered.
Lucy's Crab Shack
Trade Winds


  1. Congrats all! They sound like wonderful choices. I certainly got lost in there trying to make my chance at a win. Beautiful fabrics! I will finish my current project.. I will.. LOL

  2. Wow! Thanks for the gift certificate. I can't wait to pick out something. :-)

  3. Congrats to the winners. Looking forward to see your diamond California Girls quilt taking shape too!