Friday, May 4, 2012

Nearly finished? I spoke too soon

I spoke too soon. I thought I had nearly finished this quilt. I just had to finish quilting around half-a-dozen flowers, put the border on and voila.

I finished the flowers but it just didn't look complete. Maybe I stitched too close to the flowers? Maybe I should have used a dark purple all over to match the borders, instead of using coordinating colours to match the flowers?

(Why are my photos fuzzy? Click to enlarge to make them look clearer.)

Maybe I needed some more hand-quilting to fill in the white spaces a bit?

I tried out one idea - a large hexagon around each flower - but luckily I had the good sense to baste it first in large temporary stitches instead of actually quilting it, because it turned out that I really did not like the honeycomb design.

Here is the next idea I tried out. Again, just in large temporary stitches.

I liked it! So far I have filled in the white bits around five flowers, using a mid-purple thread. I wasn't sure about the design when I started, but the more I do the better it looks.

I think you may be a little bored looking at this project by now, so I promise you that the next photo I show will be of the completed quilt.


  1. I like this last photo. I think it will finish it off perfectly

  2. I like the last design. It's looking great.

  3. Thids idea will turn the quilt into a real stunner - pulls all the hexie flowers together beautifully.

  4. what a great idea. The photos were perfect when enlarged. Love the quilting.