Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who's coming to Sew It Together Canberra 2012?

Life has been a bit full-on lately so I haven't been feeling my usual self and haven't been crafting much.

Or maybe it's because I haven't been crafting that I haven't been feeling my usual self! Hmmmm. That's something to think about.

But I've just spent the whole weekend crafting and I'm feeling normal again. Firstly I made a batch of pendants, then a batch of earrings (and then I got a bit side-tracked browsing on YouTube).

Then I started making some Possum Blossom products to go in the goodie bags for the upcoming Sew It Together craft bloggers weekend. I can't tell you what they are (but I'm sure you can guess). I've just finished a whole batch. All cut and sorted and packed up all nice and neat. So satisfying.

Next job on the list ... read all the Aussie blogs listed here at Who's Coming to SIT 2012 and maybe get tempted to try something new when I'm there.


  1. Joanne...looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks at SIT!