Monday, February 20, 2012

Stock update - More die-cut fabric hexagons in store

Hello! Yes I'm still here. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Something's been on my mind and I've been tossing back and forth about what to do. I guess the best thing is just to tell you about it.

It's about my fabric hexagon packs, you know the packs containing the inchy-sized fabric hexagons.  Surprisingly, when I started making them from Moda's ranges last year, it's turned out to be more economical to make them from Layer Cakes than from yardage.

An added advantage is that my customers know exactly what they're getting in these packs, i.e. enough hexagons to make a standard inchy-sized flower out of each of layer of the Layer Cake. I've been putting 7 hexagons from each layer in each pack. That's enough for 6 petals for each flower (42 flowers per pack) plus a spare from each layer. 

However, I've found that if the Moda Layer Cake is even just a millimetre too small, there's not enough fabric to die-cut the spares. Even though the spare ones end up just a millimetre short on one side - which doesn't really matter if you're hand-stitching them - it really bothers me that they are not absolutely perfect!

So from now on, each inchy-sized Hexagon Multi Pack will have 6 hexagons from each layer. That's 252 hexagons per pack and exactly enough petals for 42 flowers, but not the spares.

I've been busy die-cutting more of these packs for you and have just restocked these 2011 favourites:

Circa 1934, Curio, Etchings, Giddy, Good Fortune, Hometown, Reunion, Rounneries Deux, Strawberry Fields and Terrain.

2011 Favourite - Hometown
And here's a sneak peek of the next job on my To Do list: making some pre-cut packs from these brand-new 2012 ranges: Papillon, Petite Odile, California Girls and Vintage Modern. (I love them all!)

2012 - California Girl

 You are welcome to pre-order them by emailing me. Just let me know which ones you want me to die-cut and I will put them to the top of my To Do list and make them within 24 hours.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, the Free Offer is back on in my store until 6 March. With any purchase of a Hexagon Multi Pack, you'll get a free pack of 100 paper or card hexagons (or 50 of each if you prefer).


  1. do you have any available that have the spares? I wanted to get another giddy one but I want the spares!!!!
    Cheers Geniene

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