Monday, July 25, 2011

My first blog - my first post

Welcome to my first blog. I'm so happy it's finally here!

I guess this is the spot where I tell you a little about myself and my blog. Hmmm, let me see ...

  1. I am not not not NOT going to talk about my day job. (No, it's not top secret classified, it's just not interesting.)
  2. I'm single and quite shy (ok I admit it, very shy) so you won't hear much about myself or family.
  3. I'd much rather stay home and be creative than travel and be adventurous, so there won't be loads of fabulous photos of exotic locations.

I guess it will just be craft, craft, and more craft (and maybe occasionally a YouTube video that's just too hilarious to keep to myself).

I do quite a few different crafts but I always come back to patchwork - mostly hand-pieced patchwork. It's my passion, my entertainment, my addiction and my therapy, all rolled into one.

I'm a great believer in finding the easiest, quickest way to do something, so I'll be posting links for you whenever I find great tutorials, and I'll be letting you know about some great time-saving products that I make for my store.

Oh, and my name is Joanne. Welcome everyone!


  1. Welcome Joanne to the world of blogging.

  2. Hi Joanne and welcome to blogland ... you're going to LOVE it here.
    Look forward to seeing more of your craft :)

  3. Hi Joanne, and congratulations on taking a big leap into the world of blogging. Once you get past your first few postings it gets much easier - in fact you'll probably think of nothing else but what to put in your next posting!!! Have fun and make lots of new friends. Ros
    PS I love hexies too - well on the way to becoming obsessive!

  4. Hi Joanne,
    Im a hexi lover to so join the club :)
    Dawn xx

  5. Hi Joanne, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to! Tried to follow you but it didn't work, hmmm, will see if I can work out what to do!

  6. Welcome to Bloggy-land ;)

    I find it amusing that you're a great believer in finding the easiest way to do things, but love hand piecing! To me that is a contradiction. The easiest way for me to do anything is on the machine!!

    Although I have just discovered hexagons, and sent of my first swaps earlier this month. It is nice to have a project I can do sitting on the lounge.

  7. Great to see you in blogland Joanne :) I am looking forward to reading all that you get up to :) Hugs Vicki x

  8. *waves to Joanne from the UK* Welcome to the blogsphere. My first patchwork project was hexies but I didn't finish it.

  9. I just had a look at your flickr work. That is superb. The colors and fussy cut hexis are amazing.

  10. Hey Joanne, I love handwork also (along with most any other type of sewing/crafting/cooking/gardening...) I do love piecing and look forward to your blog.