Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 wrapup - favourite blogs

I am the slackest blogger ever! You'd think that I would have blogged more while I was on holidays, not less, but I was so focussed on making stock for markets, trying out new markets, then making more stock, that everything else took a back seat.

Still, it was a very enjoyable time and a very welcome break from my day-job. Such a relief to be home in the peace and quiet and not have to talk to anyone for days!

But that makes for a boring blog, so I hope I'm forgiven for using this post to tell you about my Top 5 favourite blogs for 2012.

5. Tied at fifth place are Badskirt and Archie the Wonder Dog. Amy and Helen have completely different styles (bright bold moderns vs soft pretty piecing), but both inspire me to just go ahead and try something new. And whenever I need a pick-me-up, Archie is guaranteed to put a smile on my face and in my heart.

4. You Had Me at Bonjour is a beautiful beautiful blog. Kirsty's photos documenting living in and travelling around France would make a gorgeous gorgeous book, so we are lucky to get them for free. If I ever end up travelling I'll be using this blog as a travel guide, starting with the blogpost about Nice.
 3. Speaking of free, Frugal Queen is a daily reminder that I need to be much much stricter with myself. I have made some changes, but not enough, and another year has slipped by without much progress in paying down my debts. Oh well, tomorrow is a new year and a fresh start.

2. I want to say a big thank you to QuiltJane from Want It, Need It, Quilt. Without her friendship and support, I'd still be stuck inside my comfort zone.

1. The top spot has to go to Retromummy, who so openly and generously shared her busy life and beautiful family with us. Like a duck moving serenely across a pond while it's busy little feet are paddling furiously, Retromummy renovated, moved house, welcomed baby number five, kept the other four happy and healthy, had a blog makeover, spoke at events and met other challenges face-on, all with a positive mind and open heart.

Thank you Retromummy and daddy - it has been a joy to watch your children grow and flourish and be their own little persons.
To all these bloggers I wish a happy and blessed 2013, and to all those I've met this year (Quilary, Cherie, BACG, SIT and others), thank you for welcoming me with open arms and putting me at ease. I can't tell you how much it means to me.


  1. Kirsty's blog is a favourite of mine! I discovered it about three years ago and visited her in Provence in July 2011! I will be glad to see her coming 'home' in the new year, but will miss her glorious French photography!

  2. Ah yes, numbers one and two are both favourites of mine too - Corrie continually amazes and inspires me, as does Jane, in so many ways! ... I might have to check out Frugal Queen and Kirsty's blog - they both sound quite interesting! ... Thanks for the wrap-up! Have a safe and happy New Years Eve, and a blessed year ahead!! 'See' you in the New Year!!

  3. I am glad I could get you outside your comfort zone. You are the one that inspires me with all your beautiful EPP x

  4. Thank you! *chuffed* I'm off to check out the 'new to me' blogs on your list...
    P.S. How are your Rose Star blocks progressing? Can't wait to see them!